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CEO 인사말



CEO Greeting

We are MSSELTEK that sells technology for mutual satisfaction with the ultimate goal of maximizing our profits while maximizing customer satisfaction by using a win-win sales strategy based on our technological process.

Our company is a venture company that develops and manufactures vision inspection systems and software for the semiconductor field and general industry. We are developing customized products tailored to the needs of our customers, and by providing prompt and accurate state-of-the-art technical support, our products are being used not only in Korea, but also in the America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe. By steadily developing a new concept vision inspection system for new automation equipment from the year of establishment in 1995 to the present in 2021, we are expanding all over the world with steady export growth not only domestically but also overseas. Our company promises to work diligently today with the big goal of leading the global vision company in the 21st century.

MSSELTEK is a manufacturer of inspection equipment, specialized in researching, developing, and manufacturing products with differentiated customer satisfaction and quality satisfaction that joined the gold culture of the 21st century. We open the era of localization of test equipment by researching and developing high-performance and high-quality products, prioritizing customer satisfaction with the goal of technological independence, and working tirelessly day and night to repay all employees with optimal design and production as one with thorough after-sales service. We promise to do our best, and ask for your continued guidance and support. We will become the best in the industry and become your best partner. Thank you.

Spontaneous Aggressive Initiative Creative Active

This is MSSELTEK's organizational culture slogan. It is a concept that expresses the will to develop into a group of professionals with professional skills and craftsmanship, and the absolute value that working life, where you spend most of your real life, should be enjoyable. A sophisticated organizational management system and numerous innovative activities are important, but looking back to the basics, I believe that the most important organizational culture is to select good people and support them so that they can fully demonstrate their abilities with joy.